Lavish Roots Catering is a majority woman owned business that was founded in October 2014 by Carly Duke, Ann Lamb, Evan Garrard and Brandon LaVielle, CEC, WCEC. Lavish Roots’ foundation is built on providing food, beverage, and hospitality professionals while holding onto family values and sticking to our ‘Roots’. Lavish Roots is dedicated to our Team, community, and environment. 

                                                                                             'Delivering an impact in the lives of our guests'


Carly Duke Lily Duke

Born and raised in Seattle, WA; Carly Duke has always been a staple in the kitchen.  Her favorite childhood memories are made up of long days in the kitchen with her mother entertaining friends and family.  Carly took an interest in cooking long before she could even reach the kitchen counter and played Chef for her family whatever chance she could.


This became her #1 passion in life and every day after school and sports she would cook an elaborate meal for her family to enjoy.  She started her culinary education in High School attending PSSC’s (Puget Sound Skills Center) Culinary Arts Program where she quickly ended up being elected a Lead to other students, volunteering for large events, and engaging in culinary competitions.   

Carly went on to continue her love for food and education at South Seattle CC’s Culinary Arts Program and graduated in 2006 with honors.  During this time she was working as a line cook for Newport Bay and teaching independent living to nine developmentally disabled women.


Once she graduated she worked for a couple of large catering companies in Seattle; one in particular she took from a startup company to a multi-million dollar establishment with her commitment to incredibly high standards, passion for people and extremely driven personality.  Carly truly believes that catering is about more than just food, it’s about people and she plans to spend the rest of her life dedicating herself to improving the standards of catering and bringing new life to the industry.

Ann Lamb Headshot.jpg

Ann was born and raised in a small town in Ohio where she received a degree in culinary arts. Ann always had a passion for food and service and took her first job in the restaurant industry at the age of 14. 

At the age of 20, Ann moved to Texas where she met and married her husband, David Lamb, they have two children together.

When Ann’s children were school-age, she was the PTA hospitality director. This led to her after starting her own catering company.

In 2008 Ann and her family moved to Washington state and she sold her company to her business partner. In 2013 Ann started a new venture as a pastry chef at a well-known catering company where she met Carly, Evan, and Brandon and in 2015 they founded Lavish Roots.

With the growth of Lavish Roots, Ann recently earned a degree in Human Resources and is currently the Director of Team Member Resources for Lavish Roots. 

Brandon S. LaVielle, CEC, WCEC


Brandon Head Shot 1 - Copy.jpg

Chef Brandon S. LaVielle is the Executive Chef/Director of Culinary Operations and Co-Founder of Lavish Roots Catering and Hospitality. What started out as a crew of four has grown over the past five years and Chef LaVielle oversees and leads a team of over 200team members in more than a dozen kitchens in the greater Seattle area.

Brandon is tasked with all things culinary including interviewing, hiring, team member training, and menu development and testing. In addition to the aforementioned items, Chef LaVielle is responsible for our community outreach and continuing education programs.

Born and raised in Seattle, Chef has never strayed far from home, but has studied global cuisine and hospitality for more than a decade. Attending the award-winning South Seattle College Culinary Arts Program. He is a Certified Executive Chef (CEC®), a designation obtained through the American Culinary Federation, a World Certified Executive Chef (WCEC), a globally recognized certification through the World Association of Chefs Societies, and a Certified Evaluator (CE), a title earned which grants Chef to mentor and proctor chef candidates through their own practical examinations. 

Chef LaVielle holds several awards and competitive culinary medals under his belt including a Gold medal in a World Chefs Sanctioned event. Chef LaVielle was awarded ‘Washington State Chef of the Year’ in 2015, 2016 ‘Humanitarian of the Year’ and currently holds the seat of President for the Washington State Chefs Association.

Born and raised in Florida until the age of twelve Evan Garrard moved to Seattle to live with his father. Evan attended Franklin High School, in Seattle’s Rainier Valley, and graduated in 2006. While in high school he worked at a local Italian restaurant, he saw what is was like to work in a kitchen. He loved the atmosphere of the kitchen and dreamed of becoming a chef.


After high school he decided to pursue his culinary dream and attend South Seattle College’s Culinary Arts Program.  There he was trained by ACF accredited chefs such as Stephen Sparks. 

Evan Garrard

Having completed culinary school and receiving his AAC for Culinary Arts in 2008 Evan continued to expand his knowledge base.


Working at a number of catering companies in the Seattle area, Evan was a key part of opening multiple contemporary corporate cafes. During this time he was exposed to new ideas about food such as buying from local sources, head to tail cooking, and molecular gastronomy which have over time inspired his cuisine.


With his vast repertoire of techniques, knowledge of the ins and outs of catering, passion for making people happy, and love of food makes Evan a great fit for Lavish Roots.